Institute for Sustainable Manufacturing


2013 Forum on Sustainable Manufacturing



Sustainable development is no longer a choice but a necessity that must be followed at all levels. Manufacturing being one of the major drivers of development, it is then imperative that innovative sustainable manufacturing practices are developed and implemented to ensure economic growth is achieved while ensuring environmental protection and social well-being. The 3rd International Forum on Sustainable Manufacturing organized by the Institute for Sustainable Manufacturing at the University of Kentucky will examine the advances in sustainable manufacturing at the product, process and systems (including supply chain) levels.

The forum will bring together nationally and internationally known experts in sustainable manufacturing from industry, academia as well as federal agencies to present their experiences in this increasingly important area.


In addition, University of Kentucky faculty engaged in cutting-edge research in various aspects of sustainable manufacturing will share advances in their work through presentations. A poster showcase of student research as well as on-going, multi-faculty research projects at the University of Kentucky in sustainable manufacturing in the product, process and systems areas will be included.